What we do

Text-Tune-Up editors are experienced (UK) English-speaking freelance proofreaders with a passion for language and an eye for detail.  We offer a service that aims to present your own work as clearly and readably as possible. 

Please note that we do not offer an essay-writing service.

Our work extends to

• books (academic and other non-fiction)

• journal articles

• websites

• research papers, theses and dissertations

• business documents, tenders and annual reports

• promotional material (flyers, conference brochures, press releases)

How we do it

We work entirely online, making corrections on-screen using Track Changes in MS Word. This means that distance is no object, and we can communicate with you by email.  


We supply a marked-up, corrected copy, like the one above, if you want to review the changes made and accept or reject them, plus a clean copy with all changes accepted, should you wish to simply put your trust in our corrected version.

Academic extras


In the case of academic writing, in addition to proofreading your document, your references can be checked for a match with in-text citation; for proper formatting according to your chosen referencing style (e.g. Harvard, APA 7th ed.); and for working hyperlinks. 

Journal articles 

Articles written with a specific journal in mind can be formatted according to the target journal's submission guidelines.